Compare our greatly improved rub off version the original scratch off patch and you will quickly realize the advantages. Patch is activated from mounting pressure...and only shows true mounting activity! It's the BEST...and It Works! Affordably priced, easy to apply and it sticks!

Left: This is earlier developed version that is easily scratched with coin or anything else that it would come in contact. Because patches are easily marked by switching tails, tree branches and so forth, undesirable FALSE POSITIVES RESULT! This can be costly to the producer!
Right: NO SCRATCH MARKS using same coin with the improved Standing Heat AI detection patch. By rubbing with a paper towel, simulating the combined riding pressure and warm heat of a herd mate mounting permits the color to show. The RESULT is ACCURATE!
Our AI patches only rub off showing the
bright color when in standing heat!

The result is that the product ONLY
shows 'True Mounting Activity'.
When applied, they actually are designed to hug the curvature shape of the backbone as they warm following application. It is the ONLY PATCH in the industry that is positively sensitive to body heat which further increases it's adhesion properties!

Kenny Lee, Mgr.
Fairview Angus Ranch, Melville, Montana

"FairView Angus Ranch has used Standing Heat estrus detection patches for the last couple of years with great success. We use around 1000 patches a year and have minimal if any loss, the patch adhesive is so sticky they can actually be difficult to get off the cow.  The patch rub off rate is a true reflection of how much the animal has been ridden. We feel we are catching more true heats, in turn getting more cattle bred. We’ve tried other brands of heat detection patches, but once you use the Standing Heat system you won’t want to use anything else."
STANDING HEAT, your source for the most dependable heat detection patch in the industry!
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